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Bettye Rodgers


As an entrepreneur, Bettye has co-founded 3 businesses with her husband Jay. The first of those 3 businesses was Healthcare Staff Resources (HSR). Bettye co-founded HSR to provide physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, registered nurses and x-ray technicians to healthcare facilities nationally. HSR began with $3000 in capital and recruited medical professionals worldwide. HSR was sold in 1990 to a New York Stock Exchange-listed buyer. Bettye also co-founded Smart Start Inc., which offers DWI offenders breath alcohol devices under court-mandated programs to prevent the offenders from starting their vehicles after alcohol consumption. The courts require offenders to install and pay for these devices, which allow offenders to avoid incarceration and remain at home, on the job and otherwise to contribute to society while being closely monitored. Smart Start presently operates internationally with over 1200 service locations. Bettye and Jay sold their ownership interests in 2006. Currently, Bettye serves as President of Track What Matters, a GPS monitoring and tracking company.

Meet Bettye Rodgers
Meet Bettye Rodgers


I was a member of the inaugural class of BOE. What I got out of it was a lot of great contacts, both with the peers who were in the group with me and then the mentors who were there. I also got a lot of good business nuggets.

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Bruce Shultz

CEO The Boardroom for Men

I was really quite blown away by the experience. Not only did I learn things that I've never heard of before as a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years, but I also met with with a caliber and quality of mentor I never would have had the privilege of sitting down with in any other setting.

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Eve Mayer

CEO Eve Mayer Media

Stewart Hsu, a Principal at CONTI Organization, has been responsible for the acquisition and management of over $89M of multi-family real estate assets in Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. CONTI lists over 2,200,000 rentable square feet in those markets.

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Stewart Hsu

President Conti