Zane Tarence


Zane Tarence, Partner and Managing Director of Founders Advisors’ Technology Practice, is an experienced investment banker, entrepreneur and recognized expert on the growth and monetization of privately owned companies. Over the past 20 years, Zane has led and completed more than 90 technology deals, including facilitating the sale of some of the largest lead generation internet businesses in the United States.
Before joining Founders, Zane independently and successfully built and sold two technology businesses to publicly-traded companies, resulting in a keen understanding of the traits necessary to build a valuable company and close an exceptional deal. Zane has more than 25 years of experience as an operator, investor, and dealmaker in the technology arena. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Zane began his career at IBM, where he learned the intricate workings of the company’s technology ecosystems and led its Internet consulting practice in the Southeast.
Zane is a noted speaker at many national conferences and has authored numerous articles on how private companies raise growth capital and how they are bought and sold. He is also founder of the preeminent SaaS and Technology Summit, Silicon Y’all, and author of “17 Reasons Your Company Is Not Investment Grade and What to Do About It”.

Meet Zane Tarence - Mentor
Meet Zane Tarence - Mentor