Biz Owners Ed | 02/16/2020

Tim is an anomaly. With over 100 streams of revenue, he has taken the term “mailbox money” to another level.

President of PAR Products and C&C Products that represent over 35 product lines in 8 southern and central states in the security industry. Annual sales of over $40 million dollars. Tim has been in the security industry for 32 years, has had his own businesses for 20 years. Tim is best known for creating multiple streams of income. Endeavors include selling a promotional products business for $1 dollar to create a monthly 5 digit revenue stream. In addition, monthly revenue from 23 high end rental homes in Texas. Then creating a unique revenue stream for his wife Crystal who is a real estate agent when renters leave leases early. Quarterly revenue streams from patent pending and patented products mainly in the security industry. Revenue streams from written business books that go directly to charity. Tim’s business Philosophy is MALRRRR; Mentor, Appreciation, Leverage, Relationships, Revenue Streams, Real Estate, Royalties. Tim is excited to help young entrepreneurs because he was blessed to have amazing mentors at a young age that changed his business trajectory.

In this episode, Tim walks through how he built the cashflow empire he has today. Not only has he built a successful string of companies, but he has also built an beautiful family with values.