Biz Owners Ed | 03/11/2020

Williford started his career as an entrepreneur in the first grade and has not slowed down since. With the experience in startups (several of his own), Fortune 500s and a heavy concentration on midmarket players, the application of the "who and how to hire" while building an efficient and effective team has proven paramount. Jason's experience includes partnering with organizations specializing in a wide variety of industries and disciplines including but not limited to: advertising automotive, construction, consulting, restaurants, design, architectural, engineering, manufacturing, legal, financial, oil and gas, senior housing, technology and transportation - to name just a few.

Jason Williford, a Culture Index Licensee and Consultant since 2009, is a well respected and sought after Trusted Advisor to CEOs and Leadership Teams of high growth organizations around the globe. By applying cutting edge behavioral analytics as objective data that doesn't miss, Jason assists his clients in taking a current inventory of who is the right place, who might be struggling with the current workload, and why. Together they build a team of A players that consistently hit the company's top and bottom line goals. And by driving accountability from the boardroom to the "boots on the ground", Jason delivers an implementation process to increase ROI on a all payroll expenses.

Jason is a master of people. In this episode, he analyzes our class members using the Culture Index and exposes the cold hard truth. It is an important episode especially if you are building a team around you and need to know who exactly you should and shouldn’t partner with.